Why have a copywriter on your marketing team?

Why have a copywriter on your marketing team?

Why have a copywriter on your marketing team?

Content marketing is one of the top strategies to set your business apart from the crowd with niche content material.  It has been proven to increase lead generation and also to improve the likelihood of purchase following exposure to educational content via your business.  Don’t take our word for it though; check out this study

Content marketing is one of the top strategies to set your business apart from the crowd with niche content material.  It has been proven to increase lead generation and also to improve the likelihood of purchase following exposure to educational content via your business.  Don’t take our word for it though; check out this study on the ROI of content marketing.


Conductor performed the first-known scientific study where they looked at the impact of educational content on customers. Guess what they found?


  • Study participants said they were 131% more likely to purchase from a brand, after reading content from that brand.
  • 78% of respondents found a brand “helpful,” while 64% found the brand “trustworthy” after reading content from that brand.
  • These numbers increased by 8-9% one week later!


Ok, we have established that content marketing is valuable to businesses (B2C and B2B alike), especially in our highly connected, digital world.


Now you want to figure out how to implement this marketing strategy.  What you need is…. a copywriter!  Yes, savvy individuals who not only have a knack for words, but also an aptitude for research and knowledge of your brand and business model.


Gif referring to an intern having all the tools

However, copy writing is no easy task.  Writing blogs is not half of what content creators and copywriters do.  It takes market analysis, knowledge of the latest web and marketing tools, as well as detail-oriented writing skills.


“What C-level person has time for this?” you may be thinking.  For although content creation is important, it can sometimes get pushed to the back of a business’s long to-do list.


That is why hiring a copywriter should be part of your business strategy!  Take a look at some of the top reasons in this quick (we promise) read.


12 Reasons To Hire a Copywriter For Your Team


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number 1 icon Save time, get to your business


The main reason for hiring a copywriter is that it saves you time and energy.  Instead of writing your own blog posts or pushing the content writing onto Carl in the sales department, a professional marketing copywriter can do this job full-time, and do it dang well. They will focus on your company’s goals and the overall branding voice to capture the perfect text to share with potential buyers.


number 2 icon Let the professionals handle this


Copywriters and content writers know what they are doing.  They know not only how to write correctly, but what types of keywords, SEO and other important factors should be used in your company’s overall content marketing and advertising efforts.


They are trained to write according to several niche markets and industries.  As professionals, they will write and create material that will consistently sell, inform or educate a consumer to convert eventually.


Sweet Skills meme

Source: anansicontent

number 3 icon It’s Trending on […]


Trends online come and go…was the dress gold and white or blue and black?  Some companies are able to take advantage of these trends to increase their strategic angle, while others leave these trends aside since they cannot devote time, energy and resources to using it effectively.


Instead of worrying about whether the dress is blue or gold, let your copywriter or content writer handle trends in the market and use that to your advantage in your content and marketing endeavors.


number 4 icon They know how to write right


Is it affect or effect?  Never wonder again, because your copywriter already knows the difference. Copywriters and content writers are trained and have degrees in various fields that require them to have excellent skills in writing, grammar, spelling, mechanics and so on.


Grammar police gif

These people might be little “grammar nuts”, but cast it in a positive light.  That makes them detail-oriented people who care about their craft.  This not only means you won’t worry about writing content that sells; you won’t have to worry about spellcheck or grammar checks.  Your copywriter has got all of that covered.


number 5 icon They are masters of persuasion


Aristotle coined three types of persuasive techniques:  ethos, pathos, logos.  They are well-known in the academic and advertising world.  Depending on the type of situation, audience and even industry, a business will utilize any combination of these persuasive techniques to get the attention, trust and ultimate “take my money” reaction from consumers.


Which technique works best and how will you know when to use it and why?

Ethos, pathos, logos

Ethos, pathos, logos

Leave all of that guesswork behind you.  Your copywriter knows which type of persuasive language and technique works, since this is their craft.  Let them do the talking for your company while you close the sale.


number 6 icon Are you too close for comfort?


Yes, it is your business and your expertise, but there is such a thing as too close for comfort.  Writing your own content for your business can be detrimental because you may find it hard to stay objective. Overt biases in business relations can be harmful to your lead generation and sales funnel.  Hiring a copywriter can ensure that your content is cast in a positive, enriching tone without sounding like a ShamWow! commercial.


Additionally, there is such a thing as “speaking another language”, especially if your industry has specific jargon that is used internally or within your niche community.  Your readership will not always include your peers.  So, it is important to have a writer who can sift through the jargon and write content that speaks to a wider audience, but is educated enough to keep it industry-specific.


number 7 icon Copywriters make everything sound exciting!


Most people would agree that writing exciting content to sell admission tickets to an amusement park is not challenging.  However, there are very niche industries out there, especially in the B2B space, that do not have “exciting roller coaster” content per se.  For this reason, many clients turn to copywriters asking for a way to spruce up their boring content.


The beauty of hiring a creative copywriter is that they will find a way to make your industry’s topic engaging and enticing. All businesses have interesting aspects that a copywriter will unearth and capitalize on.  You can trust them to not only engage your audience more, but to create a flow of content with new, impactful ideas.


number 8 icon You get the variety pack


Any writer worth their salt knows that “mixing up the media” is essential for good written pieces.  Variation is the key to bringing your business to a wide readership that consumes content in different formats and lengths.  It is true that longer-form content, such as blogs, are great for SEO.  However, you may have someone on a short commute who would be more engaged with an infographic or a short case study overview piece.


This is where a copywriter can bring diversity to your content repertoire and also figure out how to keep things fresh.  They will not only help with blog writing, but website content, white papers, case studies, email campaigns, social media and so on.


number 9 icon Redundancy be gone!


It is essential to keep up not only with your industry, but with your competitors and the changing attitudes of your audience as well.  It may seem beneficial to keep re-using the same material and content throughout your website and other collateral, but users do not actually appreciate redundancy.  It can be viewed as lazy and sloppy.  Secondly, duplicate content harms your SEO .


Let your copywriter find any duplicates and banish the redundancy, leaving only high-quality, fresh content.  You might think that there is not that much to talk about when it comes to your industry or your craft, but leave it to a copywriter to figure out the right angle to keep your content fresh.


number 10 icon They utilize the latest tools and strategies


Search engine optimization, SpyFu, Google Analytics, share of SERP, CRM–what does it all mean and how does it work?  The world of digital marketing only continues to become more complex and in-depth.  Navigating the almost monthly updates and changes that search engines like Google make can be overwhelming.


If you want to market your products and services to a digital audience, then utilizing the correct tools is key to success.  Another key to that success is hiring a copywriter or content writer with experience and understanding of how to use these tools.  They will help to mitigate the changes and use them to your advantage, creating (and monitoring) meaningful content on your online platforms.   


number 1 iconnumber 1 icon They will help generate organic traffic


There is no doubt that organic traffic is much cheaper than paying for ads and targeting.  Although ads are important to any online presence, if you generate more organic traffic, you will likely have more legitimate customers, quick sales and repeat clients.


A landing page will bring someone to your website, but will they stay once they arrive?  It all depends on your content.  Your SEO copywriter will help drive organic traffic to your website and social media channels with well-written content.  One of the benefits of organic traffic is that it easily bumps up revenue and helps you to build relationships with clients so that they keep coming back.  Take a look at a sample of content from our B2B client’s blog and the ROI it produced.

Top Entrance pages for a website pie graph

number 1 iconnumber 2 icon Social Media


Although many businesses wonder if they should use social media, the evidence is clear that it has great potential to bring in organic traffic to your website.  About 95% of social media links involve real people, usually highly targeted audience in your social circles, which drives real, high-quality traffic to your websites. 


As the world of advertising continues to evolve, social media outlets are no doubt a vital part of targeting your ideal audience and driving traffic to your website.  A social media copywriter will know exactly what types of platforms you should use, your target audience, and how to write impactful, interesting social posts to help you build rapport and relationships with your clients.


Put Your Strategy in the Write Hands


As you can see, a copywriter brings a lot of value to a content strategy.  More than ever, it is essential to hire somebody who can write well and keep stride with the changing ebb of the digital marketing space.  Most importantly, your copywriter will have your company’s goal of growth and ROI at the heart of every written piece.


Looking for writing and marketing expertise? Get in touch with our team today and let’s talk about your content marketing strategy.




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