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  • Our Top 3 Trends of MarTech 2018

    Our Top 3 Trends of MarTech 20180

    MarTech Trends: The Dream Team Recaps our Trip to San Jose! The Dream Team is back from the MarTech 2018 Conference, where the latest innovations in marketing, technology and management are shared with thousands of senior-level marketers. Our CEO and COO, Paulo Cigagna and Jim Londeree, flew off to San Francisco and took a leisurely

  • 3 Reasons to Fall in Love with Marketing Automation

    3 Reasons to Fall in Love with Marketing Automation0

    Spreading yourself too thin is an all too common problem for many marketers. Repetitive tasks like blogging, distributing emails, checking leads and other ongoing monthly actions can take valuable time away from focusing on marketing goals or brainstorming for a new project. Instead of drowning in work and cursing the day the Internet was born,

  • Segmenting for Successful Lead Nurturing

    Segmenting for Successful Lead Nurturing0

      One lead is not always the same as another. Often, leads of varying characteristics must be engaged in different ways through your marketing efforts. For example, an executive at a company is not necessarily looking for the same thing as an intern, and the right messaging for each of them can be drastically different.

  • How to Generate Leads in B2B Using Marketing Automation

    How to Generate Leads in B2B Using Marketing Automation0

    Author: MONIQUE OLAN, Marketing Supervisor In B2B marketing, no matter the industry, the focus is on lead generation and creating content that effectively supports the development of these leads. When it comes to producing revenue, no other tool has quite the same returns as marketing automation. This is because of how well it streamlines and enhances the