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Ready to take your B2B company’s public relations and media placement to the next level?



Building Your Public Relations Strategy.

Our team of experienced PR professionals are experts in crafting compelling stories and securing top-tier media coverage for our clients. From press releases and media outreach to securing speaking engagements and awards, we have the skills and relationships necessary to elevate your brand and position you as a thought leader in your industry. Let us help you tell your story and reach your target audience through strategic PR and media placement.

At Dream Factory, we help forge marketing and advertising strategies that are best suited for different companies, and our approach to your PR is no different. We want to help your company create brand consistency and awareness, and the benefits of strategic PR play a large part in that. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who’ve helped a number of brands create consistency through successful, creative PR strategies. We do this by drawing attention to your brand the right way, highlighting news that matters and building audiences that aren’t just there to take information in, but can be converted into potential clients.


We work with you to figure out the best PR strategies, based on both internal and external factors, such as trends, calendars, outreach and more. Through this we help you connect with journalists, publishers, editors, bloggers, as well as numerous other online and offline channels. In addition to building audiences and awareness, our PR campaigns give you a variety of benefits, such as reputation management, search engine optimization (SEO) and a growing footprint in your industry.


  • Public Relations Content Development
  • Public Relations Media Planning
  • Media Analysis & research
  • Media Pitch & Outreach
  • Media Strategy
  • Internal & Crisis Communication
  • Media Relations
  • Targeting
  • Audience Response Monitoring

B2B Public Relations & Media Placement FAQ

B2B public relations involve building and maintaining relationships with journalists and media outlets that cover news and trends related to a particular industry or market. The goal is to establish the company as an expert in its field and increase visibility through media coverage.

Media placements in PR refer to when a company's message or story is featured in a media outlet, such as a newspaper, magazine, or online publication. These placements help to increase brand awareness and credibility by reaching a wider audience through trusted third-party sources.

To get the most out of B2B Public Relations, companies can focus on creating thought leadership content that provides valuable insights and solutions for their target audience. This can include whitepapers, case studies, blog posts, and webinars that showcase expertise and industry knowledge.

Building relationships with key journalists and influencers in the industry also helps to increase visibility through media coverage. Organizing events or webinars allows companies to showcase their expertise while also providing opportunities for networking with potential customers or partners.

Social media channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter can be used to share news updates and insights with followers.

Examples of PR tactics include:

  • Press releases announcing new products or initiatives
  • Pitching stories about your business to journalists who cover your industry
  • Influencer outreach campaigns where you work with well-known figures within your niche
  • Speaking engagements at industry conferences where you can share insights on topics relevant to your business
  • Thought leadership articles published on external websites that position your company as an expert resource
  • Crisis management strategies designed to respond effectively if negative news about your business emerges
  • Community partnerships or sponsorships that align with your brand values


if you are looking to expand your company exposure or are dealing with reputation management, contact our PR team to start the journey in building a reputation experience for your company.