What Makes B2B Content Interesting?

What Makes B2B Content Interesting?

What Makes B2B Content Interesting?

Great B2B Content should inform and entertain Can you be entertained and learn at the same time? Of course, we as individuals in this ever-adapting industry are constantly learning new things that are beneficial to the company and at times can be fun to learn. The way we learn new marketing tactics varies from blog

Great B2B Content should inform and entertain

Can you be entertained and learn at the same time? Of course, we as individuals in this ever-adapting industry are constantly learning new things that are beneficial to the company and at times can be fun to learn. The way we learn new marketing tactics varies from blog posts, white papers, podcasts and so on.

As a B2B company [or any company with a marketing department], it is important to publish content that will inform and entertain your target audience while simultaneously saving you money and developing organic traffic to your website.  But it requires a balance of the creative with the analytical.

B2B content marketing has proven to show great gains in organic lead generation and ROI for B2B companies with little cost on the company’s end for the written content they produce.

An important question to consider is: How do I make my B2B content interesting?


Important Information to Remember

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Did you know: About 64% of marketers actively invest time in search engine optimization (SEO). (HubSpot, 2020)

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Creating interesting content, helps your company with SEO in marketing. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, the process of increasing the quality and quantity of web traffic to your site through organic search engine results.

By bringing high SEO quality content to your site, you are increasing your ranks on popular search engines like Google or Bing, thus allowing more leads to click into your website. SEO content includes items such as blog posts, landing pages with valuable information, social media metrics and so on. Keep information up-to-date with content you feel is important to your potential clients.

Utilization of a series of keywords also impact your content’s SEO ranking. Research your keywords of interest using certain marketing applications to know which ones to include in the content you’re creating.

Another piece of important information to remember is: WHO is your target audience? By learning who you are writing for, you have a higher chance of attracting the attention of the customers your company needs. Read our recent blog posts on creating and utilizing a target persona in your marketing strategies for more information.

As you gather information about the WHO you are writing for, do not forget WHAT your purpose is in your content. Each piece of content you are publishing should have a specific theme or topic that will influence your target audience’s decision-making process.

By gathering enough research, understanding your audience and developing SEO content to drive your leads, you have about 85% of the tools you need to create good content. The other 15% is creating content that hits all your SEO criteria AND is interesting to your audience!



Once you already know who you are writing for and the specific topics you want to discuss, time to get creative with it.  According to recent studies, 76.5% of marketers say that creating engaging content is a key marketing component.

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You do not have to stick to the same blog template every week; switch up your blog style from time-to-time to keep your audience interested in your topics.  For example, one week publish a topic on three ways to utilize your products or material; the next week publish a blog with a high-quality video on how your company creates certain products with sustainable materials; the week after maybe create an audio interview with a VP of your company, and so on.

By diversifying your content, not only are you making your own career interesting, you are making your content interesting for your current and potential clients.

In B2B content marketing, different content you can utilize is almost endless if you brainstorm enough.


Examples of interesting content you can create:

    1. A steady social media presence through posts and engagement on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. [Maybe Instagram as well if you have a good graphic designer]
    2. A consistent blog schedule with varying blog template forms. E.g. Long-form blogs, list form blogs, press release type posts for new products, interviews with executives, reviews from customers, etc.
    3. Create an e-book and various brochures about your products, materials, or services that can be handed out at tradeshows or other events your company is participating in.
    4. Create a landing page for each product or service you offer with high SEO quality content. Include images or videos, a good layout and callback links to other pages in your site.
    5. Host a podcast or a webinar in regards to industry trends or a “How To” on your product or service.

Check out our blog on the value of webinars and tips for your next virtual meeting.

  1. Collaborate with other experts or have an influencer write about your product or service or write a guest post to a publication within your industry.

These are just some of the prime examples of fun, diversified B2B content that are affordable when considering your marketing budget and will bring in more leads to your company in the long run.


Aesthetics are just as important

Here’s where you can involve other members of your marketing team if they are accessible. For instance, bring in the graphic designer to help you with this one if you are not familiar with certain editing programs.

Did you know: 51% of B2B digital marketers value the use of visual assets in content marketing. (Source)

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Incorporating the visual in your content may seem like a lot of work [at least for the untrained eye], but in the long run it will help keep your audience’s attention and may even bring a little fun to the table.

This is where creativity and the story telling aspect of your content come hand-in-hand. This will grab your audience’s attention while the content you create will maintain their interest.

If you are utilizing the original images created by a graphic designer in your blog, be sure to have a nice template set up. This is generally something like a headline, sub-headline, image, sub-headline image, etc.

A template will help you two-fold: 1) it creates consistency and flow in your content and 2) it provides aesthetics and points of interest to your content.

Consistency and aesthetics are key to building a successful content marketing strategy.  Each will help increase potential leads staying on your site pages a little longer.

Learning and Sharing

At the end of the day, the main goal you should have when creating your content is to share the knowledge you have as a leader in your market to drive in more leads. You must sound like a professional in the topic you’re discussing to assure readers that your company will guarantee results.

Distinguish your brand voice in your content. You are not only informing your readers, but also creating unique content that will reflect your brand, its values, and its purpose.

As we come across new strategies and tactics that are influencing the industry, we have to try our best to inform the masses of what to expect and how you and your company may have the best solution for them.

In order to achieve that goal of grabbing your readers’ attention, you should treat your content like a story by making your company the protagonist. Add images that will incite curiosity and language that will not bore your readers.

Try to stay on topic while doing so. When creating the content, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does this provide answers to my audience’s questions?
  2. Is this information understandable to any and all learners?
  3. Do I have a well set up template in place for my content?

Ask yourself these three questions when creating your content to ensure it will be interesting enough to keep your audience’s attention. Also, most importantly, be creative and try new things when it comes to creating content for your B2B business!

Ready to enhance your B2B content marketing strategy?

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