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  • What Every B2B Brand Should Know About Brand Voice

    What Every B2B Brand Should Know About Brand Voice0

    Three Secrets to B2B Branding Know Your Brand Why Businesses, just like consumers, have needs and desires—and fortunately, their needs are comparatively straightforward. B2B purchases are never impulsive, but focused on necessity and logical reasoning. So when considering your brand, start by asking yourself two simple questions: Why does our business exist? And, more importantly,

  • 3 Reasons Why Your Site Needs to Be Responsive in 2014

    3 Reasons Why Your Site Needs to Be Responsive in 20140

    Responsive websites are the talk of the web development world in 2014, and if your website is not responsive yet, it should be. A responsive site, if you have not heard, simply means that your website “responds” to fit and function on various screen sizes, from a desktop to different tablets and smartphone browsers, while

  • Build Your Visual Position

    Build Your Visual Position0

    Author: DANIELLE FLEMING, Creative Manager Your company needs to have a brand identity that is easily recognized and stands out in a crowd. Brand identity, however, goes beyond just a strong logo design and the messaging you create. You also need to build what is called your “visual position.” Your visual position is played out across your

  • You Have a Tagline, But Where Should It Go?

    You Have a Tagline, But Where Should It Go?0

    Author: DANIELLE FLEMING, Creative Manager You have brainstormed, had a few back-and-forths, and you decided on an official tagline for your company. Fantastic! However, while you’ve thought deeply on the marketing value this tagline delivers to your brand, you may not have thought about how you integrate it into design. Where does your new tagline go for

  • 4 Qualities of an Effective Logo

    4 Qualities of an Effective Logo0

    Author: DANIELLE FLEMING, Creative Manager A logo is the most visually representative aspect of a company. It is the single most visible component to a brand and has a huge impact on the company’s marketing. But how do you make a well-designed logo that is truly effective and adds value to the company’s overall marketing strategy? Here

  • 3 Trade Show Ideas for 2013

    3 Trade Show Ideas for 20130

    Trade shows used to be a level playing field for groups trying to reach their specific industry audience, but that is no longer the case. Showing up with a booth and a table and a couple basic giveaways won’t get you very far in 2013. You need to bring new trade show ideas if you’re