Dream Factory’s “Eggcellent” Start to Spring 2019

April 22, 2019

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Behind the scenes with the Dream Team



How does an agency bounce into spring, aside from marketing? At Dream Factory, we did everything this year from a relaxing massage to enjoying a Friday mimosa, and competing in an officewide Easter egg hunt! Get an inside look at what it’s like behind the scenes in our quarterly round-up below.



Do You “Knead” a Break?

We sure did at Dream Factory. The whole team had onsite massages from the amazing company, “You Knead a Break,” last February to work out that end-of-the-week stress. Just look at our web developer, Tyler, and you can see the tension completely lifting from his shoulders. Maybe we should hire them full-time?



Tyler facing down on massage chair


The World Runs on Coffee…

Or at least, most marketing agencies do. And we’re no exception: on #NationalTakeAWalkDay, we took a trip to the nearby Starbucks to grab some in beautiful downtown. Our graphic designer, Gaby, and our copywriter, Stephanie, were more than happy to make the trip… to fuel their creativity, of course.



Stephanie and Gaby walking through downtown



Celebrating International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, we shared which women inspire us personally and professionally while toasting to the ladies of Dream Factory with mimosas. Thanks to our incredible team of women who we celebrate every day!




International Women's Day


Good Egg Hunting

Ready, set… hunt! Our CEO and COO hid over forty eggs around the agency office, giving the Dream Team only twenty-five minutes to find as many as possible. Whoever found the most eggs would get an Amazon gift card, but one very special egg had $100 inside… a most eggcellent prize. Congratulations to Paola, our copywriting intern, for finding the most eggs, and to our Marketing Operations Manager, Denisse, for finding the sneaky $100 egg in the place no one else suspected: hidden behind a painting.






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