Powerful Marketing at POWER-GEN® International

January 13, 2016

Category: Company News

The power generation industry is growing every day with new technology, innovations and developments. POWER-GEN International is the epicenter of the industry expansion and progress.

As one of Dream Factory’s account managers, Morgan Peele, says, “It’s amazing to witness the continuing evolution of the sub-industries within power generation. The technology is constantly updating.”

With six past and current clients present at POWER-GEN International, Dream Factory is incredibly dedicated to supporting our clients at the conference, whether in Orlando or Las Vegas.


Below are the Dream Factory team’s main industry takeaways from POWER-GEN International as we move into 2016:

  1. Interactive Exhibits Reign Supreme

It’s no surprise that interactive exhibits are the most popular on the showroom floor, especially since according to our other account manager, Sarah Huskins, they always draw a crowd. This remained true at POWER-GEN, with displays ranging from spin wheels to tangible parts to magicians. Clearly, the individuals at POWER-GEN were taking in the Las Vegas spirit.

As a power generation marketing agency, it’s important for us to take in all of the marketing efforts displayed across the showroom floor. This year, there were strong marketing practices taking places and areas that represented opportunities for growth.

  1. Networking Events Are the Key to Making Connections

POWER-GEN InternationalNetworking is how businesses stay relevant and how they stay connected. This is especially true in power generation. At POWER-GEN, the best networking opportunity available is always the Industrial Info Resources Kick-Off Party.

Industrial Info Resources’ focus is to provide value to their customers by obtaining information about industrial power plants and their spending activities across the globe. This event is the top industry event to attend and a great way to network at the beginning of the conference with the best and brightest in the industry.

This year’s networking party encompassed all things power generation, and mirrored the extravagance that makes Las Vegas so famous.

  1. Continuing Education in Power Generation Creates Stronger Marketing

As a marketing agency that specializes in power generation, POWER-GEN International is the perfect opportunity to continue our education of the industry and to be right in the middle of the action on the showroom floor. Our attendance helps us to perform our marketing efforts on a much more reality-based level of understanding.

This is why the sessions available throughout the conference, from the keynote to microgrids to on-site power, were so valuable and educational to our team.

Dream Factory holds strong to its interest and dedication to this industry, not only because energy makes up 25% of the world economy, but also because it is an incredibly exciting time for power generation.

Many don’t realize how many millions of people are affected by the innovations made every day in power generation. This is why Dream Factory always enjoys attending the biggest event of the year for the power generation industry.

We always strive to break into new markets, and thus are excited for POWER-GEN International 2016 and the renewable energy sectors of power generation. We look forward to the conference being in our own backyard next year, as well as representing power generation marketing for Orlando, Florida.


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