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  • Are you ready for the new Facebook Timeline?

    Are you ready for the new Facebook Timeline?0

    Facebook has been gradually forcing its users to switch over to the new Timeline format since early this year. While some individuals have been reluctant to the switch, companies have been excited for the benefits from a marketing perspective. Regardless of your preference, on March 30th every page will automatically become a Timeline. Rather than

  • QuantumFlo Magazine

    QuantumFlo Magazine0

    Client: QuantumFlo QuantumFlo is a company that designs, manufactures and delivers the best packaged system technologies in the pump systems market. Project Name: QuantumFlo Brochure Project Description: We created an eight-page brochure to explain the custom, packaged variable speed pumping systems to QuantumFlo’s customers. This brochure includes product descriptions and new information about their Custom

  • (5) Tips to Enhance Your Online Branding

    (5) Tips to Enhance Your Online Branding0

    1. It’s ok to be friends with your clients There is more to social media than Facebook and Twitter. Today, more and more business minds are trying to connect to people in like-minded, closed groups circles. Just a few years ago, they were connecting via Google or Yahoo groups. But with the spawn of social