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Office Healthline with the Dream Team

Office Healthline with the Dream Team

Tips For Staying Fit and Focusing on Wellness with Your Favorite Marketing Team   As we further progress into 2021, it is important to remind our readers that while you are busy typing away, filing reports, and sitting at your office eight hours a day; You should take the initiative to focus on your health

Tips For Staying Fit and Focusing on Wellness with Your Favorite Marketing Team


As we further progress into 2021, it is important to remind our readers that while you are busy typing away, filing reports, and sitting at your office eight hours a day; You should take the initiative to focus on your health and wellbeing while at the workplace.


Now that COVID-19 vaccinations are being administered and many businesses are opening back up while maintaining social distancing, we wanted to provide insight on how we are doing back in the office.


In honor of National Fix Your Posture Month, we felt it would be fun to provide our tips and tricks to staying on top of our health and wellbeing while at the workplace.


Office Health Tip 1: Take Time To Move During The Day


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Did you know: Sedentary behavior can increase your risk for developing a disease or conditions. (ACP Journals, 2020)

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Sitting all day in one spot while working, though it has to be done in order to meet project deadlines, can lead to other health issues down the line. As a team, we understand the importance of keeping ourselves active in an office and when we’re working from home.


Our Office Manager, Waed, does the following to keep herself active even in an office environment:


“I do like to take a walk during lunch break every now and then, depending on the weather and the shoes I am wearing that day. I stretch when I am working at home every 2-3 hours.”


Our copywriter, Ceara, also tries her best to move throughout her day by walking around the office or simply by getting up to stretch from her office chair.


Rest assured our ability to move throughout the day does not take away from our project deadlines and client needs. But when working in the heart of Downtown Orlando, we can’t help but get up and move throughout our day!


Office Health Tip 2: Make Smarter Choices During The Day


Healthy Eating Habits

Like many others in our office, Ceara takes extra steps to improve her health in the office by making smarter eating choices.


“I make it a point to bring in my own home-cooked meal instead of eating out. I minimize my snacks, sweets, and treats; if I eat candy in the office, I limit myself to two pieces,” said Ceara.


Home-cooked meals are a great way to ensure the food you are eating has just the right amount of nutrients needed to keep you focused throughout the day. We all try our best to bring something from home to eat but sometimes eating out for lunch is a great way to experience the Downtown Orlando area.


Take A Stroll

Our CEO, Paulo, can confirm that he and COO, Jim, often take afternoon strolls around Lake Eola, located in the heart of Downtown Orlando.


Research has shown that taking time to be active during your lunch break can help improve concentration, mood, and productivity at work. (Source)

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Our marketing intern, Madison, also tries her best to go outside during her lunch break as well. “I like getting some sun mid-day because it helps me maintain a good attitude and it gives me a chance to move around instead of just eating at my desk.”


Stay Hydrated

Another “smarter” choice someone can make is to keep hydrated throughout the day. Water is one of the best choices a person can make when it comes to selecting a drink of the day. It has zero calories, zero sugar, and it can help you keep awake and full if you are beginning to crave a snack at an unusual hour.


Bailey, our marketing coordinator, and our junior copywriter, Celina, also take time to opt-in for water throughout their day.


“I like keeping a container of water with me and I fill it up several times throughout the day. It helps me feel full when I want a snack and helps me keep my headaches at bay,” said Celina.


Drinking enough water every day is good for overall health. As plain drinking water has zero calories, it can also help manage body weight and reduce caloric intake when substituted for drinks with calories, like regular soda. (Source: CDC)

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Listen to Music that Stimulates Your Work Motivation

Plug in Those Headphones (if you can). It is debatable if listening to music while at work should be allowed by our employers. At Dream Factory, our bosses understand the need to keep our minds at ease with the use of music, as long as it doesn’t disturb our neighbors.


Ceara takes advantage of using a single headphone to stimulate her mind with music while she drafts her assignments. “I listen to instrumental music or binaural beats only when I’m working; it helps me focus on my work, but also to relax and stay calm.


Our web developer, Tyler, also listens to music while he works. “I enjoy listening to 90s hits during the day to help focus on my tasks at hand and keep an upbeat attitude.”


Office Health Tip 3: Keep Your Desk Clean and Decorated for Work Creativity


Your office space is like your home away from home, especially on large-scale projects. We all have ways of keeping our space just the way we like it to keep ourselves focused on our work and organized.


We may not be interior designers, but some of us add little trinkets and ways to spice up our desk area for personalization.


A study in The Journal of Environmental Psychology discovered that decorating your workspace benefits employees by increasing work productivity and overall energy. (Source: Science Direct)

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Picture of Tyler's Desk


Office Health Tip 4: Remember Your Posture


The last thing you want to bring home from your job is chronic back pain. Be sure that when you have the opportunity, get up and stretch when you have time to do so.


“I try to be mindful of the way I sit behind the desk most of the time,” said Waed. We provide ergonomic chairs and back support cushions for our employees throughout our offices while they are at their desks.


Put Your Back into Your Work and Health!


While we are employees who do sit a majority of our day to complete client work, we make time to improve our overall health. It is important to make time in your day to improve your health, even if it means making smarter minor decisions in your day. So, next time you are sitting at your desk in need of a change for the betterment of your health, follow our tips:


  1. Make time in your day to move
  2. Make smarter choices in your meals and drink choices
  3. Listen to music to help enhance your focus
  4. Decorate your area to enhance your creativity
  5. Remember to focus on your posture


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