Paulo Cigagna - Dream Factory Agency




Entrepreneur, Strategic Leader, Creative Director

With close to three decades of marketing experience, Paulo Cigagna, based in Orlando, Florida, has solidified his reputation as a strategic leader and creative director in the global marketing arena. Paulo’s extensive industry tenure has allowed him to not only witness but actively shape the evolution of marketing strategies and communication channels..

His expertise lies in crafting and implementing integrated advertising strategies, using innovative creativity and advanced marketing analytics to bolster brand performance and ensure business success. Serving as the CEO and President of Dream Factory Productions, Inc., Paulo has demonstrated particular excellence in B2B marketing, where his all-encompassing, forward-thinking strategies consistently achieve impressive results.

Paulo holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a Post-Graduate degree in Marketing and Advertising from FAAP University in São Paulo, Brazil, along with an Executive MBA from Rollins College. His academic qualifications, combined with trilingual capabilities (English, Spanish, Portuguese), and wide-ranging business experience across over 63 countries, provide him with a unique understanding of diverse cultures and consumer behaviors.

Over the years, Paulo has nurtured numerous individuals, many of whom have risen to prominent leadership positions in the industry. His influence extends to Latin America, where he has conducted several seminars sharing his knowledge on modern marketing technologies and B2B strategies.

In recent years, Paulo’s focus has been on successfully transitioning client brand messaging across international markets, a move that has facilitated global expansion for Dream Factory Agency’s clients.

Specialties include Brand Development, Advertising Campaigns, Marketing Development, Creative Development, Corporate Communications, Campaign Planning, Latin Market Development, and International Marketing.