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Working From Home – How We’ve Managed So Far

Working From Home – How We’ve Managed So Far

Catch up with our Dream Team – who have recently taken their workload home.   In these unprecedented times, we at Dream Factory, like many other companies across the nation, have been working from home to preserve the safety and well-being of our employees.   As we have no choice but to observe the world

Catch up with our Dream Team – who have recently taken their workload home.


In these unprecedented times, we at Dream Factory, like many other companies across the nation, have been working from home to preserve the safety and well-being of our employees.


As we have no choice but to observe the world and wait until the numbers of COVID-19 decline, we have managed to stay focused on our clients’ needs and made the best of our given situation.


We felt it important that we share with you a word on how we’ve been managing working from home thus far.


Our Production Team:


Members of our production team while maintaining a busy schedule from their home offices, still manage to find time to enjoy their day.


Bailey – Marketing Associate


Bailey's work from home station

Bailey enjoys working from home with a notebook at her side for whenever she needs to take notes.


Mental Health:

To keep her mental health in check, Bailey devotes time within her week to video chat with friends and family. “I always feel a little better after reaching out.”


In Her Spare Time:

When she isn’t learning the ropes of the business or diving deep into her work, Bailey revived an old hobby of sewing in her free time. She also enjoys watching Titans on HBO Max for entertainment.


On The Clock:

Utilizing the features on the cellphone can prove to be helpful, especially in this line of work. Bailey is no exception to this rule; she keeps her phone handy and nearby to alert her and keep proper time management with the use of alarms and to-do lists.


CelinaCopywriter Intern


Celina's work from home station

In between co-writing our blogs and working on our projects, Celina takes time to hang out with her new at home co-worker, Zee the cat.


Mental Health:

During this time, Celina tries her best to leave her house after work to separate her work life and home life. She does so by going out exercising in her neighborhood for at least 30 minutes, gardening on her balcony and playing disc golf at least once a week.


In her spare time:

In between projects and her life, Celina has been trying to get through Stephen King’s novel 11/22/63. She is currently on page 474 out of 829 and has two more books to tackle once she is done.


On the Clock:

“I am a list making person, I enjoy planning out my day as soon as it begins or the day before. I usually use my Outlook calendar and my physical planner to plan out which projects to tackle for the day. ”


Ceara – Lead Copy Writer


Ceara's work from home station

Always hard at work – our lead copy writer, Ceara, has evolved her kitchen table to her “everything table.”


Mental Health:

After tackling her workload for the day, Ceara enjoys going for walks or participating in tennis matches with her friends.


“It helps to get out of the house and breathe some fresh air.”


In her spare time:

In between her work life and tennis matches, you’ll find Ceara finishing up household errands, trying new dinner recipes or watching Ozark on Netflix.


On The Clock:

Ceara balances her workload by utilizing her Outlook calendar and Zoho projects. She also takes a short mental break in between her tasks to balance her day, usually by going on her back porch and watering her plants.


Tyler – Web Developer

Tyler's work from home station

While you may find him here most days working on important projects for clients, this area also doubles as Tyler’s game streaming set up.


Mental Health:

In order to keep a straight head during the day, Tyler allows himself to take short multiple breaks throughout his workday. During his short breaks, he plays with his dog to help refresh his mind while also playing sports commentary throughout his day.


In his spare time:

“I have begun streaming video games and also taking some courses on music production. Since quarantine started, I have binged 12 seasons of Criminal Minds as well as Marvel’s Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D, and The Blacklist.”


On the Clock:

While working on his larger projects, Tyler always makes sure to have a hot-pocket ready in case hunger strikes at an ill-timed moment.


MK – Account Manager


Kaitlin's work from home station

Even when hard at work, our account manager, Mary Kaitlin, manages to create a workspace that is relaxing and a little festive.


Mental Health:

“Before I broke my ankle, I was walking and kayaking a lot before and after work – taking small hikes on the weekend..Honestly, just getting outside as often as possible. I’ve also taken up the hobby of almost always having smooth jazz on in the background – it seems to help for some strange reason.”


Exclamation mark icon

Did You Know:

Studies have indicated that people who listen to music while working perform faster and make fewer errors in their tasks. These results occur because music you like triggers the release of feel-good neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine, which help you feel relaxed, happy, and focus better.

blog underline image


In her spare time:

When she isn’t busy working on projects for clients, MK often spends time working on some mild furniture refurnishing and preparing to launch her jewelry brand.


She also enjoys spending her free time reading books that she wasn’t able to get to before. Her recommendations are:


“For the left side of your brain – I highly recommend “Why Time Flies: A Mostly Scientific Investigation” by Alan Burdick or “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff. For the right side of your brain – “Where the Crawdads Sing” is a decent read, and if you haven’t already, I recently re-read “Alas, Babylon” by Pat Frank – highly recommend.”


On The Clock:

In order to keep her life organized, MK utilities the “not-so-old-school” strategy of writing everything down.


“I have a small pink notebook that I write LITERALLY everything down in, and each night before bed I try to write down my 3 main goals that I have to achieve for the next day – both work related and personal- once I complete those 3 I can make a new list. For some reason, grouping my ever-growing to-do list into bundles of 3s really seems to help me.”


Waed – Operations Assistant


Mental Health:

According to Indumathi Bendi, M.D., a primary care physician at Piedmont, creating a routine of activities reduces stress by making the situation appear more controllable and predictable.

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Waed has developed a routine to help take care of her mental health during this pandemic. She wakes up early everyday and maintains a regular schedule by meditating the first thing in the morning and taking a one hour walk in the evening.


“I started taking walks out in the open. I would usually exercise in a gym but during the pandemic, it seemed like a better idea to take walks outside and get some fresh air.”


While At Work:

As operations assistant, Waed often finds keeping a list of prioritized items is important for staying on top of her work goals and allows her to separate her home and work life.


“I also try to put the mindset that I am in the office and finish everything I should, simply so I would not keep my mind busy after business hours.”


In her spare time:

When she isn’t hard at work, you may find Waed watching cooking shows, rereading books, or brushing up her marketing skills by taking online courses in SEO and Digital presence.


“I binge-watched cooking shows (felt comforting at the time) like MasterChef and Cake Wars. I also revisited some of the books I read before, which seemed fit for that time, such as The Martian, and I do recommend it because he was a man stranded on Mars all alone striving for any human contact, and that’s how so many people have felt during the past few months.”


While working from home, Waed has even found time to contribute articles to a startup online Arabic newspaper.




Jim, Dream Factory COO


Mental Health:

As a family man, Jim understands the importance of incorporating new activities into his family’s routine once off the clock. “We’ve been changing up our family’s routine so that we aren’t always playing the same sports, or walking the dogs on the same route, or eating from the same takeout restaurants.


On weekends, we make it a point to do new things within driving distance, so we’ve gone to isolated beaches, gone on a dolphin and manatee viewing tour, and gone on drives to visit family whole still social distancing.”


On The Clock:

Jim, while also balancing his family life, understands the importance of taking short mental breaks between projects to keep his mind fresh at work.


“I keep a fairly strict schedule around core tasks like lead generation, client meeting, and team meetings, but when it comes to busy work I tend to work in 30 minute to 1 hour blocks and then take small breaks.”


In His spare time:

In between his busy schedule and home life, Jim still manages to find time to have fun with his family during the pandemic. He’s even taken up gardening with his family and has grown a decent number of watermelons so far.


“I hadn’t played basketball in forever, like 10 years, and since we have a nice court in my neighborhood me and the family have started playing a few times a week.


When Jim isn’t gardening or traveling with his family, you might find him binge-watching the Manadalorian, The Boys, Jack Ryan, Hanna and Ozark.


Paulo, Dream Factory CEO


Mental Health:

Paulo’s method of keeping his mental health up to par in these troubling times includes working out everyday or at least to try to. He also credited his happy-go-lucky mood and stable mental health to an infamous secret ingredient:


“Wine,Wine, and Wine.”


On the clock:

As a business owner, Paulo is used to the hustle and bustle of working in the Public Relations and Marketing industry, even if it means working remotely from time to time. With two decades of experience under his belt, Paulo felt that this remote working situation was not new to him.


In his spare time:

When he is not in office part-time or at home working on creating projects for his clients, you can often find him building computers, studying up on neuro-linguistics or creating items using 3D software.


As Managers:


After six months, we’ve settled into a nice schedule of Zoom meetings, but we think the biggest thing is just being available to the staff for any questions they have during the day.


The main thing we miss about being in the office are the spontaneous conversations when we brainstorm and discuss various topics. To counter that we try to have as many open conversations with staff as possible during the day. Not every meeting has to have a specific agenda.


Our Message to you:


As we sit and watch the world pass by through our at-home offices, we feel it is important for you, the reader, to know that we are right there with you, waiting and watching. While this pandemic looks like it may slow down in the coming months, we do our best to try to make the best of it all while maintaining our mental health, physical health, and the safety of our friends and family.


Even though we are working from home, we are still creating process-driven, ROI-focused marketing results for our clients. 


Learn more about what we can do for your company! We’re here to provide the strategies you need.




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