Why AI and Machine Learning Won’t Make Agencies Obsolete

November 21, 2018

Category: Marketing Trends

And How Automation Makes Us Stronger Competitors


Hollywood has taught us that machine learning and artificial intelligence will someday replace us. Movies like Terminator have provided us with a paradigm that it’s us or them. Simply put, this is not the case. It’s true that machine learning is growing at an exponential rate year by year, but we need to adjust our view to see digital disruption not as a detriment, but as a potential strength.


This is especially true when it comes to marketing your business; think about how much time you would have to spend just keeping up with social media and industry trends alone if there were no tools to automate that process. In a world where we are constantly called to shift our focus to varying priorities throughout the day, it makes sense that we would rely more and more upon virtual assistance.

What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?


Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the study of how to make computers better at solving problems. Likewise, machine learning is the process by which computers are programmed to reason through problems.


For example, teaching a system to recognize the difference between a cat and a dog was difficult to do with traditional programming. With machine learning, we feed the system various labeled pictures of cats and dogs—it looks at patterns and pixels and starts to guess which is which.


Computers are great for analyzing big sets of data in a short period of time and recognizing patterns. However, understanding those patterns and interpreting them in meaningful ways is something a human will always have to do.


Why Does this Matter for Today’s Marketing Environment?


In today’s environment, almost every computer has transitioned from traditional program to artificial intelligence or the ability to recognize patterns in its environment. This means AI will help us fully realize personalization and relevance on larger scales than ever before. Think about the power to suggest a purchase right at the moment of need, what an opportunity!


Artificial intelligence machine learning is not something to be scared of; it’s something to embrace. As the old adage goes, work smarter not harder.


 “We need to stop thinking of machines as rivals,” says Ben Jones, Google’s global creative director. “Instead, we should see them as an opportunity to take our creativity to the next level.”


We would love to show you some of the ways we are using this new frontier of innovation to drive more qualified leads and provide you with an ROI marketing.


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