How to Use Your B2B Buyer Persona

August 12, 2020

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Written By: Ceara Hickerson


Now that you have it, don’t file it away. Put it into action to define and guide your marketing efforts


In 1997, Apple, Inc. launched the “Think Different” Campaign to re-target marketing efforts, and, more importantly, to save the company.


Apple Think Different Logo
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Consumers everywhere responded positively to the “Think Different” campaigns showcasing various progressive people like Gandhi, Pablo Picasso and Muhammad Ali. It was a call to those who dare to “think different” and challenge the standards of norms.


The campaign was so successful, Apple’s profits skyrocketed and cemented it as one of the “Tech Giants” of our era.


None of this would have been possible without Steve Jobs leading the marketing efforts to come up with a buyer persona that would strike a chord with people worldwide.


Apple’s “Think Different” Campaign highlights how valuable a buyer persona can be to a company’s marketing efforts – even saving it from bankruptcy.


If you have created one, do not file it away. Take it out and put it to work. In this blog, we present 5 tips for how you can use your buyer persona as a tool to empower your marketing efforts for greater revenue and lead generation.


Want to know how to create your own buyer persona for your B2B business? Check out our 7-step guide:

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A buyer persona is not to manipulate your customers, but to help you understand them better so that you can serve them best.


It is a tool that can help you improve your business and continue to grow and scale as well. Statistics show that most companies that use buyer personas are more successful.


Infographic about the effects of a buyer person in the numbers


5 Ways to use your B2B Buyer Persona


number 1 icon Understand Your Customers = Effective Marketing


B2B companies provide solutions to the pain points of their customers. Your buyer persona will allow you to zone in more particularly on your customers’ needs.


You will understand better why they would purchase your services, what they are looking for and even why they would not purchase from you.


When you know these specific factors about your buyers, you can direct your marketing from “shots in the dark” to targeted efforts that will create conversions, valuable leads and improve revenue.


B2B Account based marketing two approach infographic


number 2 icon Understand Who NOT to Market to


Most B2B businesses have a niche product or service. You want to put your product or service in front of the correct audience who will benefit from it


Unlike B2C companies, that target broad audiences, B2B companies target small focused markets. Other differences between these markets include the following:


B2B vs B2C target audience infographic


Such broad differences between B2B and B2C marketing affect how and who you send your messaging to for your marketing campaigns.


This is where your buyer persona is a tool for success and ROI.


It tells you who you should EXCLUDE from your campaigns. Exclusions help you to narrow your search criteria, your keywords and tailor your content and advertising effectively.


Finally, effective marketing is cheaper than wasted marketing. Wasted marketing efforts are expensive – time, money, productivity and “back to the drawing board”.


number 3 icon Synchronize your internal staff


In a perfect world, all of your teams (sales, marketing, customer service, etc) work together toward a common goal – GROWTH. Often times, the opposite is true; your sales and marketing are disconnected, and customer service might as well be on another planet.


These are costly errors for B2B companies. According to a study, misalignment between sales and marketing technologies and processes costs B2B companies 10 percent of revenue or more per year. (HubSpot)


Your buyer persona should be used to synchronize your staff. Ways to utilize it are 1) align your marketing and sales to communicate often and 2) empower and educate your customer service team.


When sales and marketing teams work together, companies see 36% higher customer retention and 38% higher sales win rates. (HubSpot)


Make sure that every person in your company knows WHO they are trying to reach out to so that you can all be successful and create meaningful growth for your business.


number 4 icon What is the sales journey of your customer like?


Do you have multiple customer personas? Logically, they all may have different buying cycles.


Your buyer’s persona will help you understand when to engage them and in what format.


Some examples could be generating interest in your product and services through LinkedIn sponsored campaigns. Another example is to create thought leadership by writing high-quality content in the form of blogs on your website.


As the graphic below displays, each step of the buyer’s journey needs to be carefully crafted and planned.


Lead generation strategy inforgraphic


The key to closing a deal and procuring a returning customer is to do in-depth research on the pain points, needs and other pertinent information about your ideal buyer.


What is going to be the most effective marketing strategy to get you to the WIN? A buyer profile will tell you all the details!


number 5 icon Where are you heading?


Every company wants to scale and grow. What is your goal as a B2B business? Whoever you are trying to sell to is where your business should be directing efforts and future efforts.


Use your buyer persona to help you define your goals in these following ways:


  • How do you want customers to perceive your company and your business?
  • Create a loyalty loop.
  • Future-proof your business; predict what your customers may demand from your business down the line.
  • Make your products and services even more appealing by keeping up with your buyer personas.


Last but not least, update your buyer persona(s) periodically. People, times and demand change. Never get comfortable with your customer profile. Always conduct research, update and ensure you are reaching your prime audience.


The people are out there. Now, go get them!


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