How to Save Your Marketing Efforts from the “DVR” Effect

March 25, 2014

Category: Marketing Tips

Author: MONIQUE OLAN, Marketing Supervisor

The DVR has given each TV viewer the opportunity to fast forward and skip over the TV ads that brands spend large amounts of money and time trying to create. It has been a huge influence on whether companies even try to invest in this media outlet, how they do so and when. That said, the notion of being “DVR’d” and skipped over is not new to other marketing outlets.


For Example:

Reading an article in your favorite magazine, there’s a full page ad between the last page you read and the next one you get to, what do you do? Well, if the ad is compelling enough, you will hopefully read it over and digest what it is before flipping the page over to continue your reading. However, if it lacks any means of grabbing your interest, you’ll press your internal fast forward button and skip right over it.




How do you avoid getting skipped over in OTHER types of marketing?


Whether you’re doing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, email marketing, TV ads, print ads, etc., how do you avoid getting overlooked? How do you keep your target audience from completely skipping over your marketing piece, or as a play on words, “DVR’ing” you?

Assuming you’ve already strategically targeted your audience beforehand, there are three things you should aim to do in your marketing effort/piece to keep from being “DVR’d”:

  • Add Value
  • Differentiate
  • Give a Compelling CTA


The following is a breakdown of why you should aim for these three things and how to go about it.


Add Value

No one will pay attention to what your marketing effort says or does unless there is something in it they need or want. If you target your audience correctly, a good portion of this step is completed; you just need to convey the need or want that audience has.

Make sure that no matter the marketing effort, there is something in it for the viewer. It’s a hard thing to accept, but your audience doesn’t actually care about your brand; they care about what your brand does for them. If there is a relevant painpoint being clearly addressed, you are much less likely to get skipped over and more likely to engage the audience through any marketing channel.



differentiateAfter hitting the painpoint of your target audience, you have managed to grab their attention for a couple seconds and delayed their “DVR’ing” ways. However, how are you going to hold on to their consideration of your marketing effort beyond initial glance? That is when you need to differentiate.

Differentiating your brand means to make a clear and concise reference to how your company is better than competitors at solving the painpoint that made them engage with your marketing effort to begin with. Each company should have a differentiating factor to set themselves apart. This is not only a portion of what defines your company and its value proposition, but also a significant factor in deciphering who your target is and how to grab their attention.


Give a Compelling CTA

With the painpoint and how you are going to solve it clearly in the minds of your audience, you have them considering your value proposition and right at the tipping point of potential future engagement or conversion. What’s next? Tell them what to do, and make it something they want to do – give a compelling call-to-action (CTA).

This is where a lot of marketing efforts can flop. Don’t just tell your audience to “Click Here for More” or “Learn How.” Give them an action that promotes your product or service as the solution to their woes, something that is more of an actual, positive action. And while you’re at it, make it something they want to do right now and not postpone for later. For example, use alternative CTA’s like “Solve Your XYZ Issue Now” or “Enhance Your XYZ Today.”


Developing your marketing efforts with these three key aspects in mind, you are more likely to grab the attention from your target audience that you are aiming for and avoid being “DVR’d.”


Keep in mind that the value you add, the way you differentiate and the CTA that truly compels your audience to click through will all vary across your different target markets. We operate in a marketing world of personalization, so always know the needs of each audience segment you market to and tailor your marketing and advertising efforts to match.