How Google+ Can Make or Break Your Online Presence

July 15, 2014

Category: Marketing Tips

Author: MARIA DICESARE, Marketing Coordinator

Google’s mission of absolute control of the Internet wouldn’t be complete without social media domination, starting with its own networking platform. Google+ may have had a slow start, but it will eventually unify all search, social and mobile efforts, making it the future of Google.

Since the number one search engine in the world is putting all of its eggs in the Google+ basket, shouldn’t your business be using it? Here’s why the long-term success of your business’ online presence depends on an active Google+ account:


Dominate Search Results

Since Google pretty much runs the Internet, it makes sense that all of its subsidiaries would be integrated into its search results. A business is only truly successful in terms of search engine optimization if they are the first thing you see when you Google them. JCPenney is a great example of this:


You can see that their Google+ page snippet appears on the right-hand side of the screen below a local map of their stores. Their ad is the first paid link you see and their website is the first organic link to appear. JCPenney has dominated the entire initially visible search results area simply by taking advantage of every placement opportunity available through Google. They’ve connected their main website to their Google+ page, set up Google My Business and launched an AdWords campaign. Besides the cost of AdWords, all of these steps are free, easy to set up, and will give your business prime placement in search results.

YouTube is also a great way to increase the likelihood of your content being found, since it’s owned by Google and is the second largest search engine in the world. Remember that the content your post on Google+ and YouTube can appear in search results where your website might not. All Google network pages are indexed, which means you can increase your chances of your content being found whenever you post.

Tip: Make sure all of your Google networks are under the same account to increase authority and trust! 


Easily Interact with Your Audience

Google+ incorporates numerous ways to help you keep in touch with your customers and business associates by making it easy to connect through other Google platforms. Google Hangouts makes it easier to meet with people with HD quality video chatting. Google Authorship allows you to link your Google+ profile to the content you create and share, making it easy for readers to find more content from your business. Even Gmail has a Google+ integration, showing the sender’s page badge in the top right corner of your email screen, just like the Marketo one here. As long as you have a Google+ account, you will be able to link all of these platforms together.


Additional Unique Benefits

Besides the ability to integrate all of its related platforms, Google+ has a few other great benefits:

  • Unlike Twitter and Facebook, you can share GIFs easily.
  • There’s no character limit for posts.
  • There are currently no social advertisements.
  • There are no spammy game or app promotions.

Google+ offers businesses a world of potential for reaching new and existing audiences and, most importantly, helps increase their presence in search engine results. Google is almost making it hard to avoid the many opportunities there are for your business to succeed online. Since the ultimate goal of search engine optimization is to have your brand seen by quality leads, it’d be crazy not to utilize Google for all it’s worth.