The Dream Team Has a Ball at Topgolf Orlando

December 22, 2017

Category: Dream Team

Two teams enter. Only one team wins.

These were the sacred rules of the Topgolf Orlando showdown between the members of the Dream Factory Agency. Friends became enemies; otherwise pleasant account managers and coworkers became grizzled soldiers in a battle for victory and glory.

Perhaps we exaggerate. Or perhaps the prize was simply that enticing: a 55” flat screen HD television.

Our team captains were veterans Jim Londeree and Paulo Cigagnia. Each captain was the only member of their team who had actually played Topgolf before, making for a competition of complete wildcards.

So, what is Topgolf? In the words of the company: “Just picture a 240-yard outfield with dartboard-like targets in the ground. The closer to the center or “bull’s-eye” you get and the farther out you hit your microchipped balls, the more points you receive.”

“I hope I’m not the worst,” intern Cristian said to his fellow “Team Jim” teammate, account manager Denisse.

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely be the worst,” she replied.

In the end, however, neither of them would play worse than their copywriter, Stephanie, who scored but 26 points for Jim’s team.

Hers was not the only struggle on the Topgolf course. In the words of “Team Paulo” account manager Kristin, “These balls are liars.” Her fellow teammate, HR & operations supervisor Poly, announced after several rounds of heavy swinging that her hands were tired (and as of this post, they still are).

Chips and salsa were eaten as the frontrunners for each team quickly came forward.

Account manager Leslie Hernandez on “Team Paulo” swiftly rose to the occasion, knocking ball after ball into its targeted hole. The once-uncertain Denisse met Leslie’s score point for point, gaining confidence with each round.

Jim received the most points of the night, but an agreement was struck between each team that the captains should be disqualified from the main prize. What resulted was a tense showdown between Leslie of “Team Paulo” and Denisse, the rising star of “Team Jim.”


In a thrilling conclusion, with barely two points between them, Denisse won Topgolf—and with it, the massive HD TV.

Our verdict? If you’re looking for a fun way to spend the day, come check out Topgolf Orlando. We promise you’ll have a ball.


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