What Every B2B Brand Should Know About Brand Voice

November 28, 2017

Category: Design Tips

Three Secrets to B2B Branding

Know Your Brand Why

Businesses, just like consumers, have needs and desires—and fortunately, their needs are comparatively straightforward. B2B purchases are never impulsive, but focused on necessity and logical reasoning. So when considering your brand, start by asking yourself two simple questions:

  • Why does our business exist?
  • And, more importantly, why is this valuable?


At Dream Factory, we’ve learned no two companies have the same exact answers to these questions. Whether it’s years of expertise in the industry, a reputation for good service, or affordable prices, knowing why you do what you do is key to maximizing your brand value. In the famous words of Simon Sinek, “People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.”

Not sure of your business’s why? This requires some soul searching, and flipping traditional schools of value thought upside down. Instead of focusing on what you offer, and how you offer it, consider your motivations behind creating your products and services. That why is the crux of what you’re selling to your clients.


Be Purposeful in Your Content

Writing B2B content isn’t always easy. Still, it’s an important way to show your customers what your brand stands for. Keeping in mind your ideal customer’s concerns, provide content that appeals to their values and needs.

Your range of customers isn’t as diverse as a B2C company’s might be, so this lets you specialize. Instead of appealing to your audience as individuals, focus on relating to them in a professional sense. Be detailed and don’t be afraid to include longer-form content when necessary. Remember, you’re selling your expertise. B2B purchases are educated ones.


Connect Emotionally with Your Audience

B2B marketing has a reputation for being the unsexy arena of marketing. That doesn’t have to be the case. After all, businesses aren’t robotic hiveminds; they’re organizations run by people, and people do respond emotionally. In fact, business decision-makers are 10% more likely to consider a B2B brand that consumers feel connected to.

While B2C purchasing can be influenced by a variety of emotional appeals, B2B purchases can hinge on the fear of making a bad decision. This is unsurprising; B2B purchases are more expensive, and can cost anywhere from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The consequences of making a poor purchase are far greater in that context.

Try to think of the impact your company has on its customers, beyond serving their day to day needs.

  • What problems do you solve for your customers?
  • When in the past have you improved a customer’s situation, and how?


For example, a good accounting firm doesn’t just help companies with their taxes. They also lower stress for their clients through their thoroughness and efficiency, making finances one less thing to worry about. A little reassurance can go a long way in establishing your brand is one a customer can trust.


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