3 Reasons to Fall in Love with Marketing Automation

February 25, 2016

Category: Marketing Tips

Spreading yourself too thin is an all too common problem for many marketers. Repetitive tasks like blogging, distributing emails, checking leads and other ongoing monthly actions can take valuable time away from focusing on marketing goals or brainstorming for a new project.

Instead of drowning in work and cursing the day the Internet was born, invest in a marketing automation system!

This technology helps to automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks – like emails, social media and blogs – so that you can spend more time developing innovative strategies and award-worthy campaigns.

Still not convinced? Below are the top three reasons why marketing automation is a lasting investment:


Streamline Lead Nurturing

Email Nurturing CampaignsAttending to all of your leads could take days, maybe even weeks if done the old-fashioned way. No one likes to be forgotten and it’s all too common that a lead here and there could fall through the cracks. Since over 25% of leads are ready to buy, what if that lost lead could have become a highly profitable customer?

With an automation system, your leads can be reassured that your company is aware of their request and they’re guaranteed an immediate followup.

You can also set up the system to:

  • Alert the sales team of new leads
  • Create followup reminders for the assigned salesperson
  • Send leads additional marketing collateral related to their interests

Forty-seven percent of nurtured leads make larger purchases than non-nurtured leads, which makes an automation system an ideal tool for sales goals like upselling and winning back past customers.


Assist the Sales Team and Enforce Accountability

Maximizing ROIMarketing automation is beneficial for your sales team too! When properly implemented, the right system can distribute leads to specific salespeople or via a round robin system. Either way, the administrator is in control of who gets what lead.

Automation systems help the sales team:

  • Know who and when to call
  • Prioritize the most qualified leads
  • Be aware of a lead’s primary product or service interests
  • Continue to nurture leads if they’re not sales-ready

This also creates tracking capabilities, as the lead’s journey through the sales pipeline will be dependent on their interaction with their salesperson. Negative experiences will be well documented now that everything is automated through customer surveys, contact page notes and record keeping, which will create a sense of responsibility within your team.


Monitor and Report All Efforts

Increase Qualified LeadsOne of the greatest perks of our digital world is the ability we have to track, monitor and analyze the success of online campaigns. There’s no excuse for continually running a poor performing initiative. Marketing automation is entirely measureable from a centralized database, meaning enhancements can be made as soon as you see something’s not working.

For Example: Are your email campaigns resulting in limited engagement? Try adding an additional content download that’s related to your lead’s product or service interests.

With an automation system, you will have reporting tools that measure:

  • Email opens, clicks, bounces and more
  • Full blog post reads
  • Landing page impressions and clicks

Even contacts in your system can have notes and lead scores applied to their record.

Automation systems measure the ROI from each outlet you use, making it easy to report on performance to management or clients, which will save you time and effort when it comes to analyzing campaigns.


Let Marketing Automation Love You Back

Marketing automation can empower marketers by improving operational efficiency. Not only is it beneficial for the marketer, 78% of automation users cite their system as being responsible for improving revenue contribution, which will make the boss very happy!

Marketing automation systems are definitely a worthwhile investment, but they can’t accomplish everything. They represent the efficiency and directness of a plane, but each automation system requires a skilled pilot to fly them in the right direction. The team at Dream Factory is well seasoned in the strategy, planning and execution of simple to complex automation systems.

Contact us today to learn how marketing automation can streamline your daily tasks and increase your sales-ready leads.



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