14 Years of Ingenuity: Celebrating Dream Factory’s Anniversary

September 4, 2013

Category: Company Events

Author: KEVIN STANLEY, Copywriter

It’s amazing to realize that we have been producing creative and cutting-edge work since 1999! Let’s take a look back at how we’ve reached our company goals, dive into our 14th anniversary celebration at Dave & Busters, and explore what big plans are in the works now and over the next few years.


Making Success a Reality

When we were started by Paulo Cigagna and Jim Londeree 14 years ago, there was a dream of creating advanced marketing and advertising strategies, as well as building a company with great culture that helped other businesses succeed. Today, we can certainly say that is the case.

We are currently servicing clients, large and small, in a number of different fields, ranging from energy and industrial to tourist attractions, retailers and more. We have strived to stay at the forefront of our industry, continuously developing new marketing approaches. Through these, we weave both modern and traditional formats to deliver marketing strategies tailored to each clients’ objectives. Today, we continue to develop advanced marketing strategies, allowing our clients to strengthen their brands, stay ahead of the competition, and grow to new heights.

Located on the Universal Orlando backlot, our company culture has also continually grown with outings to the park and other exciting company events. We’re extraordinarily proud of the people that have been along for the ride, our dedicated Dream Team of marketers, copywriters, designers and more, as well as the solutions we’ve provided for businesses throughout the years.


Celebrating 14 Years

To celebrate a great occasion such as 14 strong years in marketing and advertising, we took in a day of fun at Dave & Busters. Innovation comes best from creatively fed minds, so after a delicious company meal, we got into some heavy competition on all kinds of interactive games.

There were some intense battles on the racing games, basketball shootouts and also a few jackpot ticket hits. Even though there was a lot of competition in the atmosphere, we all enjoyed the laidback, fun time spent between all of us here at Dream Factory. With all the great game-playing, we were able to take home amazing prizes and bring in some great new additions for the Dream Factory offices.


Looking to the Future

With all of the great success and wonderful experiences of the past few years, we are excited with what the future will bring. As we are celebrating our anniversary while summer winds down, we’re also wrapping up the release of one of our biggest projects in recent years, DreamFactoryAgency.com.

Our new website is a comprehensive project for 2013 and was on our minds from the outset of the year. It has been an “all hands on deck” type of affair for the agency, as nearly everyone had a major part in the end product, a totally new look for our web presence. Keep an eye out for our next blog on the completely responsive design and updated look of the website and all of the main features as we finalize this company milestone.

In addition to our new website, we have also worked on our blog and our social media. As you can tell, the blog has taken on a new look, closely resembling the new website. We’ve also begun expansion on our social media presence with a variety of brand new content on all platforms. One of the new content streams will include our Marketing Tip Tuesday, a series of diverse marketing and advertising tips for businesses to be shared every month with followers on different platforms.

With everything going on at Dream Factory, we’re thrilled to be celebrating 14 years in marketing, advertising and public relations, and we’re looking forward to the future. To stay current with Dream Factory and be a part of our upcoming content releases, make sure you’re following us on social media.