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Our clients' success is not by chance.

We use data analysis and strategy to get them there. Our measurable integrated marketing strategy is a proven, research-based and customizable process that meets our clients’ needs. Our strategies take you behind the scenes and show you how we generate leads, conversions and more.

The key to our success and what separates us from ordinary agencies begins and ends with processes. In marketing, advertising and public relations (PR), it’s not about putting in extra time; it’s about bringing the right processes together to develop a strategy for each client, involving dynamic approaches, comprehensive industry and company understanding, and progressive technologies. We utilize a measurable, integrated marketing process and customize it to determine the most successful strategy for your brand.

With the utilization of marketing, advertising and PR, an overall strategy begins in collaboration with your staff to help uncover different opportunities, analyze risks and find processes that will meet the challenges and demand of your market. As a result, a strategic plan is set forth to boost your branding and positioning and in turn, results.
Based off the strategy, marketing initiatives and programs are developed.
Through digital and offline platforms, realistic tactics are created to help maximize the value of your brand. This is completed with advanced marketing communications, strong messaging, creativity and marketing metrics, which allow conversion and response to be measured.
Additionally, we help you assess your corporate identity, online footprint and website to develop effective communication, PR and business development collateral. This collateral will be created to directly match and support both new and old platforms of advertising, from online media to traditional advertisements, all in an effort to reach your segmented market.

In this process, the integrated decisions we make are based off of factual information and market intelligence, coming from both internal and external research. If we are to optimize your brand and its impact within the market, we must live and breathe your industry. That is exactly what we do.
Through continuous industry research, competitive analysis and market trend development, we give management the support and decision information to make sure marketing initiatives are well-targeted, effective and the risk of campaign failure is completely minimized. These research initiatives are applied continuously throughout the whole integrated marketing process.

Technology in the marketing world is ever-changing and continuously evolving. It's hard enough to keep up with technology in your own industry; throw in marketing technology and it can be overwhelming. In order to provide the most efficient and effective marketing, advertising and PR delivery, at Dream Factory, we strive to be at the forefront of our industry technologies.
We utilize some of the most current marketing automation and integration approaches to achieve your marketing initiatives with greater success, while still costing you less and optimizing your time spent. Throughout the whole strategic planning process, technology is integrated to create a framework for efficient tracking, analysis and data collection for decision-making. This is an important part of the planning and execution of all of our initiatives, allowing for critical decision making to be supported and our process to be successfully completed.