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7 Ways to Get to Know Your B2B Customers

7 Ways to Get to Know Your B2B Customers

Do more than just send emails – Get personal with your clients   When was the last time you can confidently say, “I know my B2B customers like the back of my hand”? Many of you may be scratching your head because you refused to go past the invisible line that separates a client and

Do more than just send emails – Get personal with your clients


When was the last time you can confidently say, “I know my B2B customers like the back of my hand”? Many of you may be scratching your head because you refused to go past the invisible line that separates a client and yourself.


B2B Customer marketing is a very important aspect that many businesses tend to forget about after conducting business with clients. While it is great to focus on lead generation, best not forget your loyal customers who have been there for you since the beginning.


In honor of “Get to Know Your Customer Day”, we’ve come up with tips and tricks to get to know your current customers and maintain a loyal business partnership.


Not to be confused with your target audience, a particular group at which an advertising campaign or content is aimed. We would like to take time and focus on how you, as a B2B business, can utilize marketing tactics and professionalism to enhance your relationship with your current clients.


number 1 icon Reviewing Your Buyer Persona Helps


Screenshot example of buyer persona


As mentioned before we aren’t focusing on your created buyer personas – but it never hurts to review it just in case you need a refresher. As a B2B marketing professional, you have to comprehend the industry you are working with and ask any questions if you don’t understand.


Take time to research when needed and be sure you remember that your B2B customers are also industry professionals. This will help in making casual conversations in meetings to learn of their opinions on trends or how they plan to adapt their company with your service. This is helpful for your content strategy and also helps you get to know more about their perspective as a professional.


Have you created a target audience for your marketing endeavors? Do you know who your marketing campaigns are targeting? Take time to read more about utilizing buyer personas in our blog to learn more.

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Understanding your B2B customers and their interests can also help leverage your marketing automation tools. CRMs allow you to create segmented lists and provide a more personalized experience in engagement. Create monthly newsletters or e-blasts to keep your loyal clients informed on what is going on in your own company.


number 2 icon Keep an Open Line of Communication


image of phone


Go beyond the monthly email and “once-in-a-while” client update meeting. Hold a biweekly meeting with your clients to keep in touch and update them on any projects you may be working on for them.


Offer your contact information as well in case they need you for any emergency order needs. This shows that you are a reliable partner and willing to get things done for them promptly.


But that doesn’t always mean it has to be about business. At the end of the meeting, ask them questions about their lives to better understand who your client contacts are. Be sure they are appropriate and relevant to the conversation at hand.


Just show your client that you’re interested in more than just the company but the individuals behind the scenes and you are readily available when needed.


number 3 icon Utilize A Chatbot


Stars Thumbs Up GIF by SurveySparrow - Find & Share on GIPHY

Not everyone who uses a chatbot can be a lead, sometimes the users are returning customers with a frequently asked question in mind.


Thanks to the modernization of technology and the after-effects of COVID-19, face-to-face conversations are becoming less frequent in the B2B world. Zoom meetings and conference calls are becoming the new normal as it keeps everyone safe and seems like the more effective way to communicate.


But most clients more than likely do not want to set up a meeting to ask simple questions about your product or services. They want to quickly chat, text, or message someone to answer their questions quickly or provide them with a shareable reference.


By setting up a website chatbot, you are providing your clients with a “live” resource that will answer their questions without having to wait a few hours for an answer. The interactions with a chatbot are recorded, which can benefit your marketing, sales, and IT departments if needed.


Get to know what questions your B2B customers may be too shy to ask so the next meeting that rolls around, you’re better prepared and they feel more comfortable in the services you are providing.


number 4 icon Use Your Social Media Effectively


This is another platform that is both great for lead generation and marketing to your current clients. Many companies utilize their social media accounts as a way to send announcements to followers and get the opportunity to get in on trending topics in the industry.


For example, our client in the plastics distribution industry shared an open forum webinar (see below) with one of their lead product managers.  Customers interested in learning more about their company or the product could register for the event. This is a great way to also collect contact information and network with existing or potential customers.


Screenshot of Twitter post


While some only use it for announcements and lead generation, you should try getting a little social on your social media platforms. While it is a great way to promote your brand, many of these platforms provide analytics features that reveal how people (returning or new) interact with your social media page.


With the use of a proper social media strategy, the analytics will show you what does and does not work with your clients. You can see which posts they liked and shared and use that to create conversations or specific campaigns based on their use.


It’s easy to say one thing but execute another… Creating interactive and appealing content is a sure way to keep your followers and customers interested in what your company has to say. Be sure your content is fun, informative, and something relevant to the services you have to offer.


Use it to show off more than just promotions. Company culture content and social media posts can go a long way if done properly. Use your account to spotlight your customers’ successes, announce anniversaries, or show how your company has volunteered its time to a charity effort.


This will show your customers that your company is aligned to their moral standards, thus strengthening your relationship with them. It may even present itself as a networking opportunity if other businesses like what they see as well.


number 5 icon Conduct Surveys


Example of taking a survey on phone


Now, this may sound easier than it is but this is a great way to learn what your B2B customers think about your company as a whole. The hard part is getting your customers to fill out those surveys…

If you are considering creating a survey or poll to send out to your customers, create great probing questions! These can help you further your relationship with your clients as you will learn what areas of your customer service they like and where you need to improve.


This will also help you fix certain errors or missteps in your user experience to help you generate more leads later on.


Some questions you should include in a survey are:


  • How did you hear about us?
  • What product or service among our offerings is the most important to you?
  • How often do you order with us?


And so on…


You can share these surveys or polls on emails or social media, depending on where your traffic normally comes from. Some CRMs allow users to create a customer satisfaction survey and place it directly on their homepage.

Offer an incentive as well to be sure your customers will go through the process of participating in your survey.


It may even look great as a customer review to be promoted on your website and social media if permitted to do so.


number 6 icon Offer Exclusive Deals For Loyal B2B Customers


Example of exclusive customer giveaway deal


People love exclusivity, especially if it means the “inside scoop” or “first dibs” on products or news from your company. Many people are willing to sign up for a VIP package if it means being at the front of the line.


To personalize the interactions, create exclusive deals based on holidays or anniversaries to garner the attention of your loyal customers. Provide them the opportunity to feel they have your company’s extra attention. It doesn’t have to be too complicated…


Deals can include:


  • A punch card every time they stop by the office will earn them a free evaluation or product.
  • Sneak previews of new products or services.


And so on…


Since this “holiday” happens about four times a year, this is a perfect day to announce a new product or service to your clients.


number 7 icon Conduct a free online seminar


Example of a webinar download and video


As an industry professional, many clients would like to know your company’s take on current trends or relevant news. Or they may want to know how to use your newest product or service.


Rather than meet one-on-one with each customer, save time and hold an online seminar customers can join to learn more. Discuss new and innovative works your company has coming down the pipeline that would greatly benefit your customer and leads.


Don’t make it just a one-way conversation. During your online seminar, ask your customers to submit any questions they may have that you can acknowledge. Using these questions, you will have a better understanding of the concerns your current customers may have.


Take time to also thank your customers for their patronage, we’re sure they’ll love the appreciation from your company.


Process-Driven, ROI-Focused Customer Engagement


At the end of the day, customers are what drives your revenue and pushes your business further every day. Your services better their lives by helping them with everyday tasks or large project needs. While they thank us by buying into our products, be sure to thank them for keeping your company going.


Whether you want to send hand-written thank you cards, automated emails, or a quick phone call – Be sure your B2B customers know that you appreciate doing business with them.


Keeping Your B2B Customers Happy Can Be Easy If Executed Properly. Generating New Leads Requires Time and Strategy.


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