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Dream Factory’s “Eggcellent” Start to Spring 2019

Behind the scenes with the Dream Team



How does an agency bounce into spring, aside from marketing? At Dream Factory, we did everything this year from a relaxing massage to enjoying a Friday mimosa, and competing in an officewide Easter egg hunt! Get an inside look at what it’s like behind the scenes in our quarterly round-up below.



Do You “Knead” a Break?

We sure did at Dream Factory. The whole team had onsite massages from the amazing company, “You Knead a Break,” last February to work out that end-of-the-week stress. Just look at our web developer, Tyler, and you can see the tension completely lifting from his shoulders. Maybe we should hire them full-time?



Tyler facing down on massage chair


The World Runs on Coffee…

Or at least, most marketing agencies do. And we’re no exception: on #NationalTakeAWalkDay, we took a trip to the nearby Starbucks to grab some in beautiful downtown. Our graphic designer, Gaby, and our copywriter, Stephanie, were more than happy to make the trip… to fuel their creativity, of course.



Stephanie and Gaby walking through downtown



Celebrating International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, we shared which women inspire us personally and professionally while toasting to the ladies of Dream Factory with mimosas. Thanks to our incredible team of women who we celebrate every day!




International Women's Day


Good Egg Hunting

Ready, set… hunt! Our CEO and COO hid over forty eggs around the agency office, giving the Dream Team only twenty-five minutes to find as many as possible. Whoever found the most eggs would get an Amazon gift card, but one very special egg had $100 inside… a most eggcellent prize. Congratulations to Paola, our copywriting intern, for finding the most eggs, and to our Marketing Operations Manager, Denisse, for finding the sneaky $100 egg in the place no one else suspected: hidden behind a painting.






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Celebrating the Evolution of Women in Marketing

International Women's Day

Dream Factory on International Women’s Day 2019


International Women's DayToday is the 108th International Women’s Day, and we’ve come a long way from the Mad Men era of marketing. In fact, women make up 50% of those working in advertising, and that number has stayed stable for the past few years. Here at Dream Factory, women make up over half of our team!


Despite the fact that most advertising is marketed towards women, however, only about 11% of creative directors are women. You can still see plenty of advertising where women are primarily homemakers, caretakers or eye candy, despite women making up half the modern workforce. These ads not only don’t resonate with most female viewers but often alienate the demographic with the most spending power. As one article noted, there are still way too many women doing laundry in advertisements.


At Dream Factory, we talked internally about how women are seen in marketing and advertising and shared our thoughts on the evolution of women in marketing today.


Women in the Mad Men Era


It’s an open secret that marketing agencies were a boy’s club during the “Mad Men” era. This showed not only in who got hired, but how advertisements written by men attempted to understand a female audience. Cars were marketed to women based on cosmetics (“Wear a Mustang to Match Your Lipstick”) and handbags (“From the Collections of The Henry Ford: Motor Mates Handbags”). When these types of ads failed, it’s easy to wonder if this could have been avoided entirely if more women been part of the creation process.


So that’s exactly what some car companies did.


Chevy hired Dannielle Hudler as their advertising chief, where she was part of their first serious program to advertise to women. Before her arrival, women in their advertisements were “either in the passenger seat or in bikinis across the hood of a Corvette.” Hudler was joined after by Chevy’s director for truck advertising, Candace Haag, where they made a deal to only ever disagree behind closed doors. “Being average wasn’t good enough,” Haag said to AdAge. “You had to be the best.”


Take for example Susan Credle, the woman behind M&M’s mascot characters and Allstate’s “Mayhem” ads. Before Credle was awarded with accolades like CAF’s Chicago Ad Woman of the Year, she started as a secretary for the agency BBDO. Now, she’s the Global Chief Creative Officer at FCB and has worked with accounts like Pepsi, FedEx and Visa. Her successful career story is often considered the inspiration for the TV show Mad Men’s Peggy Olson. Still, there were difficulties in starting in a male-dominated workforce.


“I still to this day,” Credle said to the New York Times in 2016, “when I feel the blood boiling in me and I just want to let it all out, I cut it by 90 percent because I’m a woman.”


Without these first women willing to push forward in a “mad men’s world,” the marketing landscape would most likely look quite different today.


Modern Role Models in Marketing


In 2019, there’s no shortage of women creating a name for themselves in marketing. Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In, is often credited with inspiring a generation of female professionals in marketing and elsewhere to “lean in” to their success.


Many of the most well-known women in the game today aren’t just known for their marketing savvy, but for their thought leadership both online and offline. Some of our favorite educational webinars and articles at Dream Factory are from MarketingProfs, which is run by their Chief Content Officer, Ann Handley.


“In marketing, it’s essential to always be learning,” says Stephanie S., our Marketing Copywriter. “One of the first things I did as a copywriter was subscribe to Copyblogger and read everything I could by Sonia Simone. She writes with such a clear, sincere desire to help people learn and improve, no matter where they’re at in their journey.”


Not all role models in branding are strictly “marketers,” either. When asked who inspires her, our Marketing Coordinator Lysette G. said, “Oprah is someone who has inspired me professionally and personally. She has built her career when circumstances weren’t optimal for a woman in her time. She’s inspired me with the passion she puts into her brand, her work and the love she has for other people.” If you haven’t heard her podcast, “Supersoul Sunday,” we encourage you to take a moment and listen.


As technology becomes a larger part of marketing and other careers around the world, organizations like Reshma Saujani’s Girls Who Code are also working to bridge the gap between the sexes in engineering and computer science. In six years, they’ve reached almost 90,000 girls of all backgrounds across the United States. “We are on track to achieve gender parity in computer science by 2027,” says Reshma. “It’s incredible. But for us, parity is really just the beginning.”


Having women to aspire to as role models is one thing, but the most important aspect of encouraging any individual’s growth and success is through mentorship. Click To Tweet


Having women to aspire to as role models is one thing, but the most important aspect of encouraging any individual’s growth and success is through mentorship. At Dream Factory, we’re constantly encouraging one another to succeed as a team.


“It’s important for women to stick together and support each other in the workplace.,” says Denisse L., our Marketing Operations Manager at Dream Factory. “By encouraging each other, we contribute to the progression of women reaching their professional goals in their careers.”



Who is Inspiring You On International Women’s Day?

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Happy Birthday, Dream Factory! Celebrating 19 Years of Innovation

Happy birthday, Dream Factory! Back in August of 1999, Paulo Cigagna and Jim Londeree founded a marketing agency designed to help their clients succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Nineteen years of innovation later, the Dream Team celebrated our company’s anniversary with a Café Noir company lunch (our favorite!).

Dream Factory Evolution

What’s Changed Since 1999?

As recently as 2013, Dream Factory was located in the Universal Orlando back-lot. Now we’re in the middle of downtown Orlando, looking down at the city from high up in Cobb Plaza. It’s incredible to look back at how much has changed over the years.



Dream Factory started out as a digital production house, but we’ve since become known as a process-driven, strategic marketing agency. While focusing our efforts in marketing, advertising and public relations, we’ve worked to keep our clients’ ahead of the curve by making that strategy part of our DNA.


What’s Ahead for Dream Factory?

The more things change, though, the more they stay the same. It’s going to be our 13th year at POWER-GEN, and this year, it’s right in Dream Factory’s backyard in Orlando, FL. We’ll be at the Orange County Convention Center, where we’ll be supporting our clients and getting in touch with the latest news from the power generation industry.

Mark your calendars for December 4th-6th, because you won’t want to miss it!


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The Dream Team Has a Ball at Topgolf Orlando

Two teams enter. Only one team wins.

These were the sacred rules of the Topgolf Orlando showdown between the members of the Dream Factory Agency. Friends became enemies; otherwise pleasant account managers and coworkers became grizzled soldiers in a battle for victory and glory.

Perhaps we exaggerate. Or perhaps the prize was simply that enticing: a 55” flat screen HD television.

Our team captains were veterans Jim Londeree and Paulo Cigagnia. Each captain was the only member of their team who had actually played Topgolf before, making for a competition of complete wildcards.

So, what is Topgolf? In the words of the company: “Just picture a 240-yard outfield with dartboard-like targets in the ground. The closer to the center or “bull’s-eye” you get and the farther out you hit your microchipped balls, the more points you receive.”

“I hope I’m not the worst,” intern Cristian said to his fellow “Team Jim” teammate, account manager Denisse.

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely be the worst,” she replied.

In the end, however, neither of them would play worse than their copywriter, Stephanie, who scored but 26 points for Jim’s team.

Hers was not the only struggle on the Topgolf course. In the words of “Team Paulo” account manager Kristin, “These balls are liars.” Her fellow teammate, HR & operations supervisor Poly, announced after several rounds of heavy swinging that her hands were tired (and as of this post, they still are).

Chips and salsa were eaten as the frontrunners for each team quickly came forward.

Account manager Leslie Hernandez on “Team Paulo” swiftly rose to the occasion, knocking ball after ball into its targeted hole. The once-uncertain Denisse met Leslie’s score point for point, gaining confidence with each round.

Jim received the most points of the night, but an agreement was struck between each team that the captains should be disqualified from the main prize. What resulted was a tense showdown between Leslie of “Team Paulo” and Denisse, the rising star of “Team Jim.”


In a thrilling conclusion, with barely two points between them, Denisse won Topgolf—and with it, the massive HD TV.

Our verdict? If you’re looking for a fun way to spend the day, come check out Topgolf Orlando. We promise you’ll have a ball.


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