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Dream Factory’s “Eggcellent” Start to Spring 2019

Behind the scenes with the Dream Team



How does an agency bounce into spring, aside from marketing? At Dream Factory, we did everything this year from a relaxing massage to enjoying a Friday mimosa, and competing in an officewide Easter egg hunt! Get an inside look at what it’s like behind the scenes in our quarterly round-up below.



Do You “Knead” a Break?

We sure did at Dream Factory. The whole team had onsite massages from the amazing company, “You Knead a Break,” last February to work out that end-of-the-week stress. Just look at our web developer, Tyler, and you can see the tension completely lifting from his shoulders. Maybe we should hire them full-time?



Tyler facing down on massage chair


The World Runs on Coffee…

Or at least, most marketing agencies do. And we’re no exception: on #NationalTakeAWalkDay, we took a trip to the nearby Starbucks to grab some in beautiful downtown. Our graphic designer, Gaby, and our copywriter, Stephanie, were more than happy to make the trip… to fuel their creativity, of course.



Stephanie and Gaby walking through downtown



Celebrating International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, we shared which women inspire us personally and professionally while toasting to the ladies of Dream Factory with mimosas. Thanks to our incredible team of women who we celebrate every day!




International Women's Day


Good Egg Hunting

Ready, set… hunt! Our CEO and COO hid over forty eggs around the agency office, giving the Dream Team only twenty-five minutes to find as many as possible. Whoever found the most eggs would get an Amazon gift card, but one very special egg had $100 inside… a most eggcellent prize. Congratulations to Paola, our copywriting intern, for finding the most eggs, and to our Marketing Operations Manager, Denisse, for finding the sneaky $100 egg in the place no one else suspected: hidden behind a painting.






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Happy Birthday, Dream Factory! Celebrating 19 Years of Innovation

Happy birthday, Dream Factory! Back in August of 1999, Paulo Cigagna and Jim Londeree founded a marketing agency designed to help their clients succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Nineteen years of innovation later, the Dream Team celebrated our company’s anniversary with a Café Noir company lunch (our favorite!).

Dream Factory Evolution

What’s Changed Since 1999?

As recently as 2013, Dream Factory was located in the Universal Orlando back-lot. Now we’re in the middle of downtown Orlando, looking down at the city from high up in Cobb Plaza. It’s incredible to look back at how much has changed over the years.



Dream Factory started out as a digital production house, but we’ve since become known as a process-driven, strategic marketing agency. While focusing our efforts in marketing, advertising and public relations, we’ve worked to keep our clients’ ahead of the curve by making that strategy part of our DNA.


What’s Ahead for Dream Factory?

The more things change, though, the more they stay the same. It’s going to be our 13th year at POWER-GEN, and this year, it’s right in Dream Factory’s backyard in Orlando, FL. We’ll be at the Orange County Convention Center, where we’ll be supporting our clients and getting in touch with the latest news from the power generation industry.

Mark your calendars for December 4th-6th, because you won’t want to miss it!


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Our Top 3 Trends of MarTech 2018

The Dream Team Recaps our Trip to San Jose!

The Dream Team is back from the MarTech 2018 Conference, where the latest innovations in marketing, technology and management are shared with thousands of senior-level marketers. Our CEO and COO, Paulo Cigagna and Jim Londeree, flew off to San Francisco and took a leisurely drive down to San Jose to learn about the upcoming trends in B2B marketing technology.

If you’ve ever seen the MarTech 5000 graphic, you know how large the marketing technology landscape has grown. In fact, the MarTech 5,000 now shows there are over 6,800 types of marketing software out there! That number just gets higher and higher every year, while showing no sign of slowing down.

That’s a lot of marketing technology to dig into. So, what trends stood out to us this year?


1) Marketing Attribution


Day one’s “5 Disruptions to Marketing” presentation by Scott Brinker gave us this insightful statistic: 58.2% of marketing leaders are restructuring their departments to better leverage marketing technology.

With so many new options out there, it’s important to re-assess our marketing stack to ensure it’s best equipped to:

  • Automate for more efficient, streamlined marketing processes.
  • Track campaigns for more accurate marketing attribution and ROI.
  • Understand a lead’s behavior and their stage in the buyer’s journey.
  • Document this data so that it gets to salespeople immediately.

As marketing technology gets smarter with more advanced analytics and data, so should our processes. That’s why this trend ranks as number one on our top three countdown.


2) Intelligent Content


Content is still king! One of our biggest takeaways from MarTech was how many options are out there for highly targeted content distribution and syndication. With so much content out there, you want to cut through the white noise to reach the right people with the right message.

Intelligent content—whether it’s an informative blog, a guest article, a video, white paper, case study, etc—can establish you as a thought leader while enticing the reader with information that’s valuable to them. In fact, as much as 49% of B2B buyers said they rely more on content to research and make purchasing decisions than they did the previous year!

With intelligent content, your goal is to make sure it’s highly targeted and optimized to reach your buyer with the information they need, the exact moment they need it. Google appreciates informative content, too, so keep SEO optimization as a vital part of your content strategy.

Marketing attribution matters here, too: you should track how long buyers spend on your content so that you know who’s seriously interested. This helps you focus on the buyers that matter.

Predictive lead generation software can make this happen, and that combined with targeted content syndication platforms creates an opportunity for reaching incredible, high-quality leads. Technology has come a long way for content marketing, and we’re excited to explore these new opportunities for our clients!


3) Visual Marketing


Not all intelligent content is text-based! Visual types of marketing such as infographics and video are also a must for 2018.

Video has been around for ages, but 2017 was one year where video marketing really took off. The statistics on this (found here and here) are pretty massive:

  • Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.
  • 400% as many customers prefer watching a video about a product over reading about it.
  • Videos can increase landing page conversions by 80%.
  • Viewers retain 95% of a message in video in contrast to retaining only 10% of text.
  • Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from Search Engine result pages.
  • Embedded videos in websites can increase traffic up to 55%.
  • By 2019, internet video traffic is expected to account for 80% of all consumer traffic online!

With this boom in video marketing, a bunch of new advancements and video creation platforms have come along with it. At Dream Factory, we’re always examining new ways to leverage and produce video for our clients. We’re looking forward to seeing what else 2018 has in store for visual media.

And that’s our top three round-up for MarTech 2018! Stay tuned to hear more from the Dream Factory blog about the latest in B2B marketing or follow us online to keep up with our thoughts on the industry.


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Powerful Marketing at POWER-GEN® International

The power generation industry is growing every day with new technology, innovations and developments. POWER-GEN International is the epicenter of the industry expansion and progress.

As one of Dream Factory’s account managers, Morgan Peele, says, “It’s amazing to witness the continuing evolution of the sub-industries within power generation. The technology is constantly updating.”

With six past and current clients present at POWER-GEN International, Dream Factory is incredibly dedicated to supporting our clients at the conference, whether in Orlando or Las Vegas.


Below are the Dream Factory team’s main industry takeaways from POWER-GEN International as we move into 2016:

  1. Interactive Exhibits Reign Supreme

It’s no surprise that interactive exhibits are the most popular on the showroom floor, especially since according to our other account manager, Sarah Huskins, they always draw a crowd. This remained true at POWER-GEN, with displays ranging from spin wheels to tangible parts to magicians. Clearly, the individuals at POWER-GEN were taking in the Las Vegas spirit.

As a power generation marketing agency, it’s important for us to take in all of the marketing efforts displayed across the showroom floor. This year, there were strong marketing practices taking places and areas that represented opportunities for growth.

  1. Networking Events Are the Key to Making Connections

POWER-GEN InternationalNetworking is how businesses stay relevant and how they stay connected. This is especially true in power generation. At POWER-GEN, the best networking opportunity available is always the Industrial Info Resources Kick-Off Party.

Industrial Info Resources’ focus is to provide value to their customers by obtaining information about industrial power plants and their spending activities across the globe. This event is the top industry event to attend and a great way to network at the beginning of the conference with the best and brightest in the industry.

This year’s networking party encompassed all things power generation, and mirrored the extravagance that makes Las Vegas so famous.

  1. Continuing Education in Power Generation Creates Stronger Marketing

As a marketing agency that specializes in power generation, POWER-GEN International is the perfect opportunity to continue our education of the industry and to be right in the middle of the action on the showroom floor. Our attendance helps us to perform our marketing efforts on a much more reality-based level of understanding.

This is why the sessions available throughout the conference, from the keynote to microgrids to on-site power, were so valuable and educational to our team.

Dream Factory holds strong to its interest and dedication to this industry, not only because energy makes up 25% of the world economy, but also because it is an incredibly exciting time for power generation.

Many don’t realize how many millions of people are affected by the innovations made every day in power generation. This is why Dream Factory always enjoys attending the biggest event of the year for the power generation industry.

We always strive to break into new markets, and thus are excited for POWER-GEN International 2016 and the renewable energy sectors of power generation. We look forward to the conference being in our own backyard next year, as well as representing power generation marketing for Orlando, Florida.


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We’re Attending POWER-GEN International for the 10th Consecutive Year

Dream Factory, a full-service agency specializing in power generation marketing, public relations and advertising, will attend POWER-GEN® International in Las Vegas, NV December 8 – 10, 2015.

With over 15 years of power generation industry experience, our current client portfolio includes five of this year’s POWER-GEN International attendees, ranging from $30 million, multinational companies to $7 billion, global corporations.

We provide strategies for these and a multitude of other clients, including key areas such as:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Branding and Rebranding
  • Lead Generation and Nurturing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising and Design
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Web and SEO Development

Chief Executive Officer, Paulo Cigagna, and Chief Operating Officer, Jim Londeree, will be attending, along with the account management team that oversees all power generation client initiatives.

“We are looking forward to our 10th year at POWER-GEN,” says Cigagna. “We engineer strategic solutions for power industry clients with very specific marketing needs. POWER-GEN enables us to meet with our existing clients, network with attendees and explore the latest business trends and technology in the industry.”

POWER-GEN International is the largest power generation event that focuses on the industry’s latest innovations and business strategies. With a record-setting expected attendance of more 22,000 attendees and 1,400 exhibitors, the event will provide a great opportunity for networking, technical tours, education and business development.

Dreaming Bigger: We’ve Moved on Up to a New Office

Author: KEVIN STANLEY, Copywriter

In our world, the goods manufactured in our “factory” are successful marketing and advertising efforts, increasing brand awareness and lead generation for clients over many years. Since the factory is the place where these goods come to life, we know the importance of setting and environment in the role of production and creativity.

With these things in mind, Dream Factory is excited to announce our move to a brand new location on the 14th floor of the Chase Plaza building in downtown Orlando.  Our agency has taken big steps before, but this may be our biggest yet. A fresh, larger workspace means a lot of things for us and you, as we now have a larger creative hub to “dream” up fresh ideas and generate new processes and strategies, all in an effort to produce greater success for clients.

It’s a perfect match, celebrating 14 years of marketing success this year and moving up to the 14th floor of the Chase Plaza building. The new move has taken us from one extraordinary location to another, and we’ve already seen a positive impact from this new environment.

Our new digs provide us with more space to work in, with three times the square footage of our former workplace. We’re excited to bring our work to the center of such a great city like Orlando, and thrilled to continue our growth in this excellent new space. By the way, did we mention the spectacular view?

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